why being part of a pack is important

River Bennett (Photgraphy River Bennett)

It was a magical night tucked away in a magical forest, deep in Sydney’s countryside, under an open sky full of stars.

The long table was adorned with white flowers in milk-filled vases (by our stunning friends at TheSisters ), glowing, dancing, flaming tea-light candles, and wine glasses filled with Rose. 

The seats were occupied with inspiring guests. Many of whom were mothers and many women working in the creative industry.

From the moment we all gathered we knew that this was going to be a night to remember. 

We were here celebrating one of our own for her birthday. 

It had been a big year for our friend - life had hit crisis mode for her, the year ending in a broken marriage, and now she was facing the realities of single parenting - a path she never thought she would have to walk. 

But this dinner wasn’t a pity party, it was a gathering of women celebrating not only her birthday, but the person she was becoming, her personal wins and accomplishments regardless of a hard year. It was a gathering of women sharing personal stories of life, motherhood and business.

Sitting at the table that night immersed in conversation with some of the most creative and inspiring women, I couldn’t help but realise again why a Pack is so important.

1. You engage and connect with humanity.

Humanity was designed to do life together. The pleasure of human conversation and human touch is essential, and the longing for connection is embedded in our DNA. We are shaped by our environment, and we suffer greatly when our social bonds are severed by a cruel word or public snub.

A few weeks ago I was scrolling through Facebook and came across a video of a dog who had been abused and abandoned. A Dog Shelter found the dog living in a box, tail between its legs, terrified by any human who walked past. The rescuers slowly but surely earned trust with the dog and lured her out of the box. Once she realised she wasn’t going to be hurt, the dog’s tail started to tell a new story. It wagged a hundred times over as the rescuer gently patted the her and spoke kindly to her. 

The next clip of the video was a few weeks after the dog had given birth to her puppies. There she was looking well-fed, surrounded by her pack. She was running and jumping and showing off her new puppies to the rescuers. She was proud of her new pack, her family. Her entire demeanor had changed. 

I couldn’t help but see the link between the dog’s isolation and the difference a pack made. No longer was she alone, hidden away in a box, abused and rejected, but she had found her place in amongst human connection and her very own pack.

When you are connecting with humanity and engaging with one another it brings happiness no one can explain. Humanity was designed to do life together. Don’t do it alone. 

2. You share experiences and make memories

This year I have had the privilege to take my kids to Disneyland and to Disney World. For some, this isn’t a huge deal, but for us - coming from Australia - this is what dreams are made of! 

My husband has always been so good at creating memories for our kids and before every ride took off he would start clapping slowly, and then faster and faster as the ride began to take off. The whole ride, no matter who was on it, joined in with pure excitement. He had created space for people to get pumped. He had made a memory not just for the boys but for everyone on the ride.

On the last night, at the end of the day, straight after the fireworks erupted in the sky, when everyone (I’m talking thousands) was making their way to back to their cars, Joel decided we should go against the people traffic and race to Space Mountain (the boys favourite ride) and give it one last ride. 

The boys were pumped! I totally joined in and we made our way to the ride. Joel pushed through the masses with the boys in tow. I was the one on the end apologising to everyone for being so annoying, and praying we didn’t lose each other.  All I could see was Joel’s head up ahead bobbing in the crowd until finally we made it. We raced to the front of the line and jumped on. 

Joel started clapping, the boys were yelling, all hands were in the air! We coasted down the roller coaster with smiles as big as the loops. We reached the end bursting with excitement. This was the best ride ever! This was the best memory ever. 

As we walked off we realised we had been on the last Space Mountain ride of the day. We had just made it. 

So when we went to Disney World later in the year Joel said to the kids on the last night, “So boys, ready for that last ride of the night?!” The boys were beside themselves. I was too. Because we had made a memory to last forever and now it was part of a new Bennett Family Tradition. 

Doing life together, sharing experiences and creating memories is why being a Pack is so important. Life is boring without it! I remember someone saying once, "We don’t remember days, we remember moments.” How very true that is. 

3. You have support of like-minded people 

It’s never easy to start a business. Many people start with an “I’ll do it myself!” mentality, pulling their boots up and working their butts off without coming up for air. They shove themselves in the garage of “getting it done.” Yet they can quickly realise they have led themselves into isolated territory where no one is interested in them or their business idea. 

Being part of Pack of like-minded people provides a support network of people who are going through the exact same things. Even if they are at different stages of business or motherhood, or whatever, there is a sense of empathy, wisdom and imparted inspiration to keep going.

It grows our thinking and enlarges our world perspective. It has potential to bring mentors into our life who warn us of the traps and pitfalls that can lie awaiting us in the future, and give advice on how to overcome obstacles.


So sitting amongst a Pack of women that magical night in Sydney’s lush countryside left me feeling so grateful. I was blessed to be part of a Pack like this, and I also become very aware that not everyone has a Pack like this in their lives.

May we all continue to invest into our Packs and various communities that we do life with. May we all find human connection this Christmas and celebrate the wins, even if this year has been tough. May we all make memories and find inspiration as we finish 2016 together. Because we are always, and forever, better together. 


Special thanks to the incredible women at the table:

triggerhappyimages.com , thefirsthelloproject.com , thesisters , whoanellybakes.com , thebaron.co , thetuckshop.com.au , sabrinapeters.comcommongrace.org.au , hillsong.com , @rachelsieff , @carmen.myers , @juliettespurling , @jillcasey , @erincrosariol