The Lake House in kentucky, USA

River bennett ( Photographer River Bennett)

Hidden away in the south - Kentucky, USA, to be exact - was a Lake House. We were told this Lake House overlooked it’s own private lake, with a long jetty, two boats in which the you could apparently catch your own dinner, and was surrounded this time of year by red and burnt-orange trees. It was still and quiet, and occasionally you could hear the ruffling of leaves as squirrels looked for chestnuts and birds sang lullabies to each other.

It sounded like a dream or something you would see in a romantic movie. So when someone offered this particular Lake House to us for a couple of nights we may have said "Yes!" a little too enthusiastically!

Driving down the stony driveway I discovered that what had been described to us was exactly right. It was everything and more! The Lake House smelled of fresh cut timber and cedar wood. It was small with two bedrooms and a stunning loft. Built by hand by the owner some 20 years ago for his new bride.

I was in Lake House heaven.

Light trickled into the kitchen and as I made myself a tea, a butterfly found it’s way to join me.

The Wolfpack raced outside to the jetty and begged to go fishing. The air was crisp. And the colour of the trees was like nothing I had ever seen before - as though someone had dabbed paint on the leaves right before we arrived.

My husband and the man who offered the house to us took TheWolfpack out in the boat while I wandered around the lake taking photos. True peace reigned here as my mind began to detox the rush, the work, and city living.

Later that night we had dinner, and cuddled up in handmade, crocheted blankets as we visited the jetty as the sun went down. It was magical to say the least.

The Wolfpack told stories of the fish they caught and threw away and I listened and couldn't help but be so grateful for life's small and yet significant blessings.


TheWolfpack wearing Feather Drum , Beau Hudson , H&M