Thewolfpackmrs dinner sydney

(River Bennett. photography Bec Hannaford)

In late March we held a WolfpackMrs dinner in Sydney. 

It was our very first dinner, a gathering of the WolfpackMrs guests around a stunning table and some ridiculously good food by our favourite contributor figandsalt. 

When I was a little girl I remember reading about Picasso and how he would gather the artists around a table. While they ate they discussed things they were passionate about. They would collaborate and inspire each other. New ideas and concepts were birthed, and that brought a new culture within their sphere of influence. 

"Inspiration exists, but it has to find us working." Picasso

Gathering these women at our favourite local "The Tuckshop" on that Autumn March night, under a stunning canopy of nature and Fairylights by the talented TheSisters , and a table styled by BrooklyntoBalmain did exactly this.

We talked about motherhood and how our kids ran a cross-country race and lost, but we didn't care because we were so proud of them anyway. We talked about the unrelenting pull of wanting to work and what drives us from within.  

We talked about creating. The processes, the low times, the risks, the unknown, the power of 'Movement in Order to See Action' (check out our recent blog on this in the 'Mrs' Tab) 

There were times when I, as the host, just wanted to drop into each conversation and listen and learn as questions were asked about what their mothers always told them, what they thought about collaboration, and how to choose a good business partner. 



"It's determination, consistency, hard work. There is no secret." Jaynie Johnson 



"Collaboration is my great indulgence. It meant leaving my corporate job and trying something new, something I always wanted to do and it's working at the moment. It's meeting new people and doing life with them. That's what I call success and that's what living is. " Lana Taylor 



"Embrace your difference. Stop trying to be like everyone else." Shannon Kelly 



"Women are so much better when they are collaborating and sharing, rather than competing and being negative. We were born to do life together." Bonnie Hindmarsh



"Take on the adventures that come your way. Live them, enjoy them." Amanda McLaunchlan 



We were learning from each other. Collaborating, conversing, inspiring. Just like Picasso and the artists of their time.

Together we shared the power of the "Me too" - identifying with each other's failures and challenges. And inspiring each other to keep going. 

We laughed. Boy, did we laugh! When you have people like Lana Taylor from ThreeBirdsRenovations at the table, there was no shortage of a good time. To see the guests meet each other and connect was powerful. 

TheGivingKeys all the way from Los Angeles were so kind to allow us to gift the guests their very own giving key with the word "Create" on it. 

To Create: to bring something into existence. 

This word represented exactly what these women have done.  Not only have they brought children into existence, but they have also applied their creative minds to paving new ways in their businesses and their creative pursuits. They brought things into existence that weren't  there before and how grateful we are that they have. 

It was a night of soul time. And as we walked away with our delicious WhoaNellyBakes donuts I know we all walked away different girls, and better for it. Connections were made and new friendships were forged. And nothing excited me more than hearing about some new upcoming collaborations amongst the women that we will see sometime in the near future. 


So we just wanted to publically thank the generous for sponsoring this night. It was everything we had hoped it would be.

Also, because we didn't want you, our readers, to miss out we filmed this night and it's conversations - so stay tuned to see all that took place and get amongst it!

And maybe, just maybe, we may have to do another WolfpackMrs Dinner somewhere . . . :)