We are vikings // Thewolfpack's latest fall shoot

River Bennett (Photography River Bennett)



It was all their idea.

We had been sitting together on the lounge scrolling through Jimmy Nelson's work. We were all completely inspired. I personally owed a lot to Jimmy. His work reached deep inside my soul and I found his images on my mind often.

"Mum, what if we did a shoot and pretended that we are Vikings?" 

I was in the moment TheWolfpack said it. Working alongside their imagination has become one of the best investments for my own creativity. 

First we needed a location and to decided what time of day to do it. We settled on Mona Vale Beach on Sydney's Northern Beaches and sunrise - because magical things happen right before the world wakes. Ha. 

We needed Icelandic sheepskins to pull this idea off so we rang our dear friends at MrandMrsWhite and asked if they would be keen to collaborate with us.

They were pumped to be involved and even allowed their beautiful daughter Selah to join us. 

So as the sun rose on that beautiful autumn morning, their imagination told them that they were about to conquer a new land and they needed to keep the beautiful princess safe.

I hope they never lose their wild adventurous minds. I hope I always see the value in investing into it. 

To say the least, they loved the outcome of this shoot. As did I.

Investing into the next generation? Always.


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