the way maker by River Bennett

River Bennett (image by Bel Pangburn)

The Way Maker.

What's that you ask?

A 'Way Maker' is someone who does just that... they make a way!

A Way Maker is someone with initiative who puts their all into seeing and creating a SOLUTION, a THOUGHT, a TREND and essentially CARVING A WAY where others simply can't or perhaps don't want to even try. These 'Way Makers' think differently - and feel differently - and aren't afraid to act on that. 



The Way Maker focuses their energy on the task at hand. 

They have an acute sense of discipline when it comes to their craft. They are consistent come rain, hail or shine. They dig deep. These 'Way Makers' repeat the creative process until it is perfected. They are careful, persistent and don’t take "no" or "can't" for an answer. 

They push aside the squishing lies of negativity, comparison and fearful thoughts. What others may think of them is of no importance as they busy themselves with what is. 

There is no room for laziness, insecurities and procrastination. They value time. 

They aren't afraid of the work that lies ahead. Step by step and brick by brick they move to build and fulfill the vision that is in clear view. They are aware of the hidden opportunities each day presents and, with due diligence, they are able find that which is hidden and bring it to life. 



A 'Way Maker' breaks through barriers where others cannot.

A 'Way Maker' knows it takes a certain inner strength to break through a wall of seemingly dead ends.

It takes time to strengthen the muscles needed to commit to the whole journey. Like a boxer they recognise strength only comes from getting back up after every knock down. 

The 'Way Maker' knows that before they begin anything, the probability of misunderstandings, criticism, risk and potential failed attempts are high. However despite this, they know it's all part of the job - the reality of the training season.

They understand that the responsibility of being a 'Way Maker' is to bring about change.  Very often change is hard for people to accept. It takes time, so the right execution to break through barriers is essential.

The 'Way Maker' paves a way for others to follow their lead. They know that this is their unspoken responsibility.

If barriers are not carefully and thoughtfully broken, it can lead to distrust and division within a team. But, if barriers are approached with care, wisdom and skill, a bunch of people can be seen following right behind with the cheering and waving of freedom flags. The 'Way Maker' not only lives free within themselves, but they lead others to live the same. 

They have made a way where others could not or would not. 



A 'Way Maker' knows that not everyone operates in the same manner as they do and that’s ok.

They know that team is important and everyone has a role to play.

A 'Way Maker' seeks to find a solution to a problem when others on the team can't. They investigate and dig deep. They are willing to give at all costs even if it means personal sacrifice. They toy with a variety of possibilities, thoughts and processes. Unearth gold, rare diamonds and jewels of creative genius and bring them to the table for discussion. They tweak ideas breaking down walls of complacency and tradition. They are results driven. 

A 'Way Maker' often travels paths others have not dared. They see landscapes and experience climates few others have stepped out to explore. They warn people of the dangers, create boundaries and survival guides for those about to embark on the journey. 

The 'Way Maker' is much like the Sherpas in Nepal, who work for foreigners wanting to climb Mount Everest.

These Sherpas have lived in the high altitudes of the Himalayas for generations. They have long served as guides and porters, and their local expertise has been invaluable for foreigners attempting climbs in the area. They know what to expect and make a way for those who don't. They set up ladders across ravines, carry luggage, give costly advice that often saves the lives of their employers. These Sherpas have made a way for others to get “on top of the world.” They have found solution, made a path, led the way. But not everyone appreciates the help. The Sherpas will tell you there have been numerous accounts of westerners treating them poorly.  

Not everybody likes the 'Way Maker'. Many don't want to hear their ideas or implement their solutions. They like ‘comfortable’. They want the luxury of staying the same - unchanged. What the 'Way Maker' needs to remember is that this is actually ok.  

Often times the 'Way Maker' needs to give it time and eventually their hard work will inchworm it’s own way out months or even years later.

KEY POINT: A 'Way Maker’s' response to people who don't want to be shown a different (and often even better) way of doing things, must be graceful. The sweet spirit of the 'Way Maker' will be rewarded in the end so be careful where your heart lies.  



A 'Way Maker' knows that fighting for a way doesn’t come easy. It can be lonely without the right companions.

A 'Way Maker' takes the companions Determination, Persistence and Wisdom.

DETERMINATION - cuts through doubt. Never gives up. Fights for what it believes in.

PERSISTENCE - continues on the course of action in-spite of difficulty or opposition.

WISDOM - stays the path. Stays silent when silence is needed and speaks up when invited.  

A 'Way Maker' will at times feel bruised, hurt, disappointed, misunderstood and taken advantage of. But when this happens, the 'Way Maker' must go back into training and strengthen their mind; learn how to fight in a better way. They need to remember what it was they were working towards in the first place, what's truly important.



A 'Way Maker' knows without a shadow of a doubt that they will only be great if they are surrounded by like-minded people. They know to avoid company with those who are negative and gossipmongers who drain the life out of life. They choose their friendships wisely, kindred souls who share common values and intentions in moving forward in life.

Together the 'Way Makers' discuss ideas and challenge each other on the “How” and the “Why” of making a way. They sharpen each other with honesty and insight.

They slam the door shut in the face of relentless insecurities and cheer each other on when it feels like there is no way forward.



A 'Way Maker' knows how to live generously.  

A 'Way Maker' doesn't hold back the keys from making a way for others. They share freely. They understand that hard work, diligence and generosity always pays off.

A 'Way Maker' will often have other people take the credit for their hard work, their IP and ideas - using them as launching pads to grow their own platforms. The 'Way Maker' knows this doesn't always seem fair or even right, yet they live free knowing full well that all along, the actual satisfaction was in making the concept a reality. 

The Way Maker knows that as long as the earth is spinning, there are ALWAYS more ideas to birth, solutions to create and paths to pave. The Way Maker also knows that when you give, it comes back to you in ways that far outweigh any human theory.



A 'Way Maker' never apologises for being a way maker. They own it. They see the importance of charging ahead and how it LIBERATES others and brings CHANGE to their own world.

The 'Way Maker' has a deep conviction of who they are meant to be and they strive to improve themselves for the sake of the call.



Are you a 'Way Maker'?

Are you someone who puts your mind to the task and finds breakthrough where others cannot?

Do you find solutions?

Are your companions determination, persistence and wisdom?

Do you have a deep conviction of who you are and what you can bring to the table?

If you are shouting yes to the above, then can I encourage you to get up and get moving. Small, deliberate and conscious decisions and changes can catapult you into a world of possibilities flooded with victories and failure but ultimate fulfillment.