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When an artist's heart is pure you get art that's pure. When they create from deep within, something beyond beautiful emerges that has the ability to set any viewer free.

 Simple words, colours and patterns produced out of a heart that loves the ocean and lives to see her daughters live a beautiful life, Rachel Kennedy’s work holds a certain language that express itself over the walls of many homes throughout Australia. Her work exudes positivity and hope.

While her husband takes the reigns of the business side of rachelkennedydesigns, Rachel is free is to create and invest into her children on a daily basis. This hasn't always come without challenge but has most definitely come with a grateful heart.


There is a certain calm about your work. Is this something you always wanted others to feel when they engage with your work?

I've heard advice being given that you should never buy a piece of artwork that you haven't fallen in love with, that there should be something in you that connects with something in it. And I agree. You invite them in and (in our case) the words that line the walls and they become part of the language of your home. We hope everything we do would bring a positive message and an element of peace about it. 

When you held Millar, your eldest daughter, in your arms for the first time what were you thinking? 

That was a special day. I fell instantly love with her.

I remember thinking, 'I hope you have a really beautiful life'.

My capacity to love expanded in those moments. Every mum knows that feeling, and it changes you. Forever.

Tell us about your youngest daughter Frankie ... 

Frankie, aka Frankles, Frank the Tank, Rexy, Recka, will often be pretty much naked and throwing something at you, while eating an apple. She has the sweetest face and quite likes crawling around the shops like a dog and often features in tourists' photos. She is hilarious, busy, fiercely protective, and compassionate to the core. She gives the best cuddles and will always ask you if you're ok.

I will always think the world of her.

Partner in life and partner in business - any advice on how to do both well when working with your spouse?

I like to give grace a go, it's really helpful at times.

Like when he leaves clothes all over the bathroom, but you know he's been working all night. Or when I don't get that graphic done because, well the kids are going crazy. 

We don't always go about things the same way. But that's ok because even though we are actually really different people we are working towards the same thing, at home and in the office.

We are a young family and a young business, and both have requirements that need to be met in order for them to be healthy and grow. It's a steep curve at times learning how to give attention where it's needed without taking away from something else. So worth it though.  

What have been some of the biggest obstacles this year, and how have you chosen to face it? 

This industry isn't something that we have any training or experience in so we are very much in unchartered waters right now.

I might say the main things have really just been how do we add and move forward. And where is it that we want to be going?

We are both good workers, but we have always worked for someone else, so we have had to approach these challenges with the mindset that, even though there are solutions to each of these things, it's up to us to work out what they are now. We are very much learning on the go. 

What have been some of the major influences of your work? 

Just subtle everyday life. Being outside, meaningless chit-chat, song lyrics, pretty light patterns bouncing off walls. 

When you both stepped out to pursue rachelkennedydesigns did it feel like a massive risk or a natural progression? 

I was working as a graphic designer filling very specific briefs for other people's vision. I had ideas that I couldn't pursue and I started to feel restless.

My husband and I were chatting away at a local homewares store and they mentioned a type of gift card they would love to stock. We put together samples and they placed an order. They started to place regular orders so we decided we would try something new.

Whenever we have changed direction it has felt enormous, but looking back (with perspective) it has been a pretty natural progression, and the things we have worried over fall into insignificance. 

Beach holiday or city vibes? 

Oh beach holiday, hands down. 

Childhood dream not yet accomplished? 

Renovating homes, specifically with wrap-around balconies and big oak trees. Yep, I dreamt about that as a kid.

Greatest indulgence? 

Saltwater in the hair, sunshine on the skin and not needing to be anywhere, or feeding anyone. 

What does the thought of having another child do to you?  

I have 5 brothers and sisters and I’ve grown up having lots of kids around. I never thought I would only have 2 kids, but I never thought I would be working while having my babies. So I’m having a break from sleepless nights and midnight feeds and loving the idea that my girls may get to experience some things that I never could as a child. So for right now, just pass me a nephew. 

Any advice to other WolfpackMrs mothers who have a dream to start their own business?  

My advice would be : start. Your capacity will grow, the details will come together, there is room for you. Be a work in progress and seek out help if you need it. Find something that you love, that comes with a certain amount of natural ease and start there. Most things can be learned. Courage and confidence will come.






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