This is for the millennials: My fellow generation by olivia rohonczy

Olivia Rohonczy (art and words by Olivia)

This is for the millennials: My fellow generation.

We’re no longer the babies of this family called humanity. 

Whether we like it or not there is a generation hot on our heels and they’ll be looking to us to lead them, just as we’ve been led by those before us. 

I’ve heard us mislabelled “entitled” and “selfish” but I urge us: cast off those restraints and choose the words spoken to our potential. Choose to believe those who have stooped down to pick us up when we ourselves were just children learning to walk. Choose empathy. Can we not do this now for the children who cry out in anguish, asking where we are? 

One day years from now when this infant generation rises from the ashes, and they will, will they ask of us, “Where were you?” or will their testimony be “I was in a pit of despair, but my big brothers and sisters reached down and pulled me out.” 

We are the generation that loves to feel. But let’s not let our emotions rule us - they are fleeting. Instead decide. When suffering electrocutes the hearts of those in despair, will our own hearts sting with empathy and compassion? Will we weep with them? Will our convictions sustain our actions. 

We cannot leave them behind. If we do, we’ve given ourselves permission to abandon hope and accept apathy. If we do, we will become what we’ve been labelled.

These children you see in the news, they will be known as the generation that has been through hell but still rises to help their neighbour because they’ve learned the value of humanity in the rubble. They will be known as the generation that takes their dreams by the horns because they’ve learned the value of “today”. They will be known as the generation that chooses empathy, because if they stopped caring they are one step closer to becoming like those who persecuted them.

But us? Will we be found on the sidelines, in the dust of their destiny? Or will be we called friends. Brothers. Sisters to a resilient generation? Will we celebrate their victories with them? I hope so. It would be an honour to share their lineage. But it is the choices we make now in the midst of chaos and heartache that will set the course of our future. 


Olivia Rohonczy


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Credit to: Syrian war photographer Ameer Alhalbi for original image.

Credit to: our girl @oliviagrce for her stunning collage and powerful words for her millenial generation.