26 Good Things to Do In the Meantime... by river bennett

River Bennett

We can sometimes can find ourselves "IN THE MEANTIME".

It's a place where we can see up ahead because vision is prompting us forward yet our present is speaking a different reality. 

I have heard it said numerous times that "The days are long but the years are short."

So what can we build IN THE MEANTIME? HOW should we respond? HOW can we keep our mind focused on vision, full of hopeful expectation and keep living a crazy fun adventurous life in the present? 

I asked a few of my visionary friends who each run households full of children and steadily pursue their businesses and together we came up with 26 fun thoughts on what to do IN THE MEANTIME.

1. Gaze beyond. Don't look back.

2. Move. Movement. Move it. Motion.

3. Find the magic in this moment.

4. Appreciate what surrounds you.

5. Laugh as much as possible.

6. Keep doing the mundane. Keep doing the laundry. Keep working the job.

7. Hang out with good people who inspire you and make you better.

8. Build your intelligence.

9. Research something random.

10. Open your mind to a new way of doing things.

11. Expect surprises to come left of field.

12. Stop. Think. Ponder. Refresh.

13. Workout for 30mins everyday.

14. Listen closely. Listen closer.

15. Eat good wholesome food.

16. Clear emotional drama from your heart. Also, your mind.

17. Kiss someone you love passionately.

18. Save your money.

19. Day trip it.

20. Write down truth.

21. Tell your people, your pack, that you love them.

22. Surround yourself with art.

23. Listen to the songs you get lost in over and over and over again.

24. Sleep well. Go to bed early.

25. Knock on unlikely doors.

26. Trust yourself. What you heard was right. What you are building now, IN THE MEANTIME, counts.