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Kendra Stanton is a globally renowned Makeup Artist and Beauty blogger. Her work can be seen on the covers of Fast Company, Los Angeles Magazine, in the pages of Muse Magazine, Runners World, The New York Times and many others. She is a freelance Makeup Artist and has worked for companies such as Estee Lauder, Aveda and Clay de Peau. She serves as a Beauty Ambassador for and is regularly featured on Portland Morning Show. 

I met Kendra on facetime. She was in Portland, Oregon and I was in Sydney, Australia. We immediately hit it off. Our loves were somewhat parallel. She was a Pastor's wife, as was I. She was a mother of two. I had three. She blogged. I wanted to blog. She had bouts of sarcasm. I was an Australian. 

"Let's be friends." I thought.

"Ok" I swear I hear her say on the other line.

1. When did your fascination with makeup begin? 

I think I came out of the womb with a tube of lipstick in my hands. So, this is a hard question. But I am going to have to say Day One.

2. You started a blog 5 yrs ago. How long did it take for you to build momentum? What do you think was a tipping point to gaining influence in the Beauty industry?

It was a slow beginning for me because I didn't educate myself on how to actually blog. I really didn't even know what blogging was when I first started. But once I realized that blogging was just an extension of who I was, and my passion for creating art on faces, and also educating people on which makeup products work and those that don’t work, everything fell into place.

3. We all love your blog because of your honesty.  You have saved us from wasting our time and money on the wrong beauty products and set us on the right path to looking great. You recently did a blog post on Botox.  What made you want to address the hidden beauty routines of women, and even to de-mystify preconceived ideas on Botox? 

Well, I think that often times Botox can be seen as a preverbal sin in the beauty world, and many women hide the fact that they do it. But the truth is, it’s very common and most of the times the women who are dumb-founded that you do it, are actually getting it done themselves. Trust me, I worked in that world for years - people are funny with not wanting people to know they don’t naturally look amazing at 55 years of age. If your fine lines and wrinkles bother you, Botox works. End of story.

4. You have just launched a new book "500 Eye-Makeup Designs" showcasing looks for every season and mood. Tell us a little bit about it. 

This book comes from a place of passion for creating art by the way of eye designs. Often times we get stuck in a makeup rut and think there is only one way to wear eyeshadow on our eyes, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In my book, it’s just my eye with 500 different eye design looks that are everything from simple to extravagant to entirely funky. While this book doesn’t give you step-by-step instructions, you can go over to my blog and YouTube channel for tons of eye makeup application tips.

5. Tiredness is a mother's reality, especially mothers who run creative businesses. Can you give us some tips on everyday makeup and products that will keep us looking fresh? (We all need to look semi-presentable at school pick up!) 

As a mum, doing my makeup in a 2 min. time frame is essential. So for everyday use, I need makeup products that are multi-functional.  If I am pressed for time, I add a bit of Jouer Cosmetics Age Defying Highlighter under my eyes. This product not only covers dark undereye circles, but it illuminates the area and gives the illusion that you got more than 5 minutes of sleep. Then I use the Dior Show mascara to give all the mums at my daughter's pre-school eyelash envy and finish with the Josie Maran Argan Infinity Lip and Cheek Creamy Oil to give my face some brightness.

6.  It's a balancing act being a stay-at-home mama and posting blogs, working with big brands in the Beauty industry AND writing books. What has been the biggest challenge you have faced doing it all?

I think my biggest challenge has been TIME! 

If I could only have 10 more hours in a day, I might be able to stay on top of everything. This past year has been crazy with writing a book, doing makeup jobs, being a mum, starting a Church with my husband, Ezra, in Austin, TX, and maintaining a beauty blog. So, to stay organized in the midst of madness, I wake up every day at 5am to read my Bible, put up my blog post, and get started on writing more blog posts for the following weeks. This way I have time to focus on being a mum and wife. I also drink lots and lots of coffee! Coffee is essential for a working, stay-at-home (kind of stay-at-home), Pastor's wife.

7. Best thing about your job?

 I love being able to help women feel confident about themselves. Many women look in the mirror and only see someone plain, but I see something unique about everyone. There is always a way to play up your best feature by using makeup tricks and it’s just learning them and using them. Every women is beautiful and every women is unique.

8.  Do your two daughters share your passion of Beauty products? 

Ummm…yes. Maybe a little too much! Right now, their finger-paints are my eyeshadows, blushes, and lipstick. I can’t tell you how many times a week they put makeup on me, and I also can’t tell you how many times I have caught them in my office covered in red lipstick. My little Zariah might be a makeup artist prodigy one day.

9. One thing you said you would never do as a mum, but you have done.

Well, there are too many to count. But one of the biggest ones is not letting my kids sleep with us in our bed. Well, that one went out the window somewhere along the parenting trail. It’s kind of a nightly thing now when 3am hits. One of them is in our bed.

10. Holiday dream location? 

Can I say Australia? I seriously need to be there right this second.

11. Most desirable - lashes or hair extensions?

I am going to have to say hair extensions. Good hair extensions are everything.

12. Coffees per day? 

2 in the morning, 1 in the afternoon - and sometimes a little more.

13. Favourite makeup session Bridal or model?

 Bridal. I love being a part of such a sacred and special day.

14. Summertime lip obsession?

That would be the Too Faced Melteds. Oh my gosh, they are ah-mazing!

15. Best advice to stay-at-home mums raising daughters?

As someone who works in an exterior-focused world, I think the best advice I can give is to admire your daughter's inner beauty first and foremost. I always want my girls to know that it’s their hearts and character that matter most in this world.  Beauty will fade even with the best interventions.


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