Habits of an art addict

River bennett ( Photographer River Bennett)

"My name is River Bennett and I am an art addict." I muttered this under my breath impatiently standing in line at The Broad Museum Downtown Los Angeles. 

Why was it taking so long just to get in the door?

I had butterflies knowing I was about to view some of my favourite artists work. Andy Warhol, Barbra Kruger, Jeff Koons, ChristopherWool, not to mention Ellsworth Kelly.
I was eager to get inside and I also had to interview a WolfpackMrs guest straight after and I couldn't be late. 

Looking down beside me were four crazy, excitable boys. TheWolfpack and our new friend - kids fashion blogger - Wynn from Popstreetkidz. They had so much common it was ridiculous but talk about the latest DS game was pretty much all they conversed about.

Didn't they get it?! Can't we talk about Warhol and the pop that happens in your heart when you see his work? And that one time when I couldn't help myself -  I just had to touch the corner of “Marilyn”, while security wasn't looking, when Warhol came to visit Australia? Or Jeff Koons who was taking the art world by storm, again, with his whimsical stainless steel balloon art that sets your heart on fire!! 

Gahhhhh this line was taking far too long. 

"Your boys are all matching! They are so adorable!" the sweet ladies beside me said in their deep southern drawl.

"Where are ya'll from?” they asked.

I guess we did look a smidge out of place.

"We are from Australia." I said with a smile. 

"Oh my goodness that's such a long way away!" 

"Yeah, it really is." I agreed 

"Is it true you have snakes and spiders that can kill you?” one lady said.

"Yeah we do. Ha.” I replied.

"And crocodiles! Is it like that movie? Now, what was that movie called? That man, you know the one, he wrestles with crocodiles... Crocodile someone.... " 

"Dundee?" I suggested. 

"Yes! That's him!! Do ya'll swim with crocodiles like that?" 

"Ha! No but we do swim with sharks and when they try to eat us we punch them in the face." 

They were foaming at our bravery. Mick Fanning you legend. Making us all look good once shark punch at a time.

My patience was wearing thin. I needed to get inside. I excused myself from my southern friends and headed to the front of the line.  

“Hi. Is there anyway, maybe, that we could possibly, maybe, be next to go in?” I smiled a sweet smile and made sure my Aussie accent was on point.

They took one look at the boys and their cute LaMiniatura outfits and ushered us in with a quick wink.

Americans - love them.

We were stoked. 

We followed the lines and made our way through to seeing Barber Kruger’s “Your Body is a Battleground."  It was famous. And a powerful message for every woman. 

I almost fell unconscious viewing Ellsworth Kelly’s “Green, Blue, Red” due to holding my breath. Why do I do that? I didn't want anyone, including my kids to distract me. I wanted to sit down and stare at it. The colours moved me. The simplicity moved me. It's like all the creative chaos that happens in my mind was stilled in that moment. I wondered how chaotic Kelly's mind was when he created it. 

Then, Warhol’s “Double Elvis” and “The Kiss” - I felt like Po from that scene in "Kung Fu Panda” when he enters the “Hall of Warriors” and looses his mind over the artifacts of past Kung Fu heroes.

Then Jeff Koons' "Michael Jackson and bubbles." 
“Can I pleasssse take this piece home? Like, just charge it to our hotel room?!" I begged my husband. 

Then Koons' “Balloon Dog” and "Tulips"  .. ok enough. Too much goodness in one viewing.

We soaked up as much as we could, with four boys. And left on a sweet sedated high off to my next appointment.

Los Angeles you had been good to me.

My name is River Bennett and I am a art addict. 





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