Travel texas - friday night lights

River Bennett (Photography by River Bennett)

Well if you have ever read the book, watched the movie or hit TV series "Friday Night Lights"  you would know that having the opportunity to visit the Texas Permian Panthers High school Football would be an opportunity not to be missed. Yes, this is the place the movie and TV series is based on and I was pinching myself standing in front of the huge Mojo sign. 

Meeting Coach Feldt and his wife Kathy was a huge for honour for me. It was so moving listening to their hearts not only for the sport but for the students that they invest everything into. Many of the students come from broken homes so the job of the Coach and his team is alot bigger than I ever imagined. I was in awe listening to how they create family culture while helping the students graduate school and of course lead them to the State Championships. I walked away inspired by their dedication for the next generation and I think I also may have walked away an even bigger "Friday Night Lights" fan girl. Ha.

Thanks for allowing us into your space Coach. We won't ever forget it.