Filtered coffee by samuel taylor - your local barista

samuel taylor ( photography by River Bennett)

With summer approaching here’s a fantastic way to enjoy your daily coffee without drinking a whole lot of milk on a hot Summer's day!


Chemex Method.

NB: To achieve optimum results with this method, use scales and a timer to take note of the ratio of water to coffee and the timing of the process.


Prepare your water for your filter coffee to 92-96 degrees celcius.

Place your paper filter into the top of your Chemex and rinse with a small amount of water to remove any residual papery taste from tainting the coffee.

Discard water.

Grind your coffee of choice to a coarse particle size.

Place coarsely ground coffee into the filter, taking note of the weight of ground coffee (ie – 20grams).

Using a ratio of between 16:1 and 18:1 water to coffee (16:1 for 20 grams would be 320ml water)

Use the following steps:

1. 0-30 seconds: Add approximately 3 times as much water as you have coffee to thoroughly wet all of the coffee particles and allow them to “bloom” – agitate the wet grounds to ensure even coverage.

2. 30 – 90 seconds: Proceeding in a steady circular motion, continue to add water into the ground coffee aiming to keep the level of the water filled to the same point for the majority of the brew time to allow for even extraction.

3. 90 – 180 seconds: once you have added the desired amount of water the brew will continue to filter into the bulb of the chemex.

Total brew time should be kept to around or under the 3 minute mark so adjust your particle size according to how much coffee you are using.

Less coffee – finer grind size.

More coffee – larger grind size.


This method can also be adapted to create “iced filter” simply by substituting half of the brew water volume for ice and with a finer particle size, extracting a half amount of water through the coffee over the ice.

Filter coffee is a wonderful medium to enjoy and experience the array of flavours that coffee from different countries and regions can offer. Chatting to your local Barista and investigating which coffees hit the spot for you is totally worth it – for your tastebuds! 


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