cold brew by sam taylor your local barista

Sam Taylor (Photographer River Bennett)

To make a 1 litre batch of cold caffeinated goodness.



60grams of your favourite espresso blend. (2 weeks after roast date or slightly older is best)

1 litre of cold filtered water.



2 x food safe container at least 1.5 litre capacity.

2 x chux cloth. 

Coffee Grinder.

An elastic band.

A fine mesh strainer.

A clean bottle/jug approx 1 litre in capacity.



1. Ensure that your container is clean and dry, then pour your 1 litre of water into the container.

2. Grind your coffee of choice to a medium-course particle size.

3. Lay your chux out flat on a bench, place coffee on top of the chux and wrap it up like a tea bag using the elastic band to secure the ends.

4. Drop your newly formed coffee tea bag into your water and squeeze to ensure that all of the coffee is saturated in the water.

5. Cover or place a lid on your container, and place into a fridge to stabilise the brew temperature.

6. Leave for 12-16 hours.

7. Remove from fridge when brew time has finished, take a small sample and taste to ensure that the brew has reached the depth of flavour that you enjoy.

8. Place your strainer over the top of your second container and line it with your second clean chux cloth. Strain your brew through the chux cloth/strainer combination. This will remove the fine ground coffee particles.

9. Place filtered brew into your bottle and keep in the fridge for up to 2 weeks - make sure you date the bottle so that you know when you made it!

10. Enjoy over ice as is, or add a splash of milk.


This is a super fun way to enjoy cold coffee without the astringent flavours you can experience when you cool down espresso coffee and save it for later. It is also an effective way to use up coffee that may be slightly too old to keep running through your espresso machine as this method benefits from coffee that is at least 10-12 days after roast date, or older, as the oils in the coffee have begun to settle. Overall, like any form of coffee brewing, cold brewing requires your care and attention. The dedicated brewer will often obtain the best and most consistent results.






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