A gift that keeps on giving - Love Mercy Foundation "Cents for Seeds" Initiative

River Bennett (Photgraphy River Bennett)

As a storm is brewing across Sydney last night I was reminded of this image I took of a woman named Dorcus on my recent trip to Uganda.

Dorcus' life was changed forever this year when she was given a chance to start her own business through Love Mercy Foundation CENTS FOR SEEDS MICRO LOAN initiative. She was simply given a $30 gift which enabled her to receive a business loan to buy a 30kg bag of seeds to plant, harvest, and return. She worked her butt off all season, and sold her crop at the local market. She paid back her loan and with the income that she earned she completed a training course in tailoring to gain skills and employment. 

IT BLEW MY MIND to think such a simple gift could help women and their families out of poverty.

One of my favourite things on my trip was hearing the stories of how these women's CHILDREN DONT NEED TO BE SPONSORED ANYMORE. Their children are being fed and sent to school all because of a simple gift of a business loan given to their mother. As the mother works hard and pays back their loan and starts to make a profit, the loan is then passed on to the next woman in the community. It's an ongoing gift that is changing the face of villages and communities in Northern Uganda.

I loved hearing some of the villages say,  "You can now move onto the next woman and the next village! We don't need you anymore! We are self sufficient! " 

Sounds ridiculously familiar don't you think? 

As WolfpackMrs Mothers I know that when we were given a chance to start a business, to do what was in our heart, didn't  we also step up to the plate for the sake of our kids and the heart dreams of making profit to further impact on the planet? 

I do know one thing. GENEROSITY should always be part of our growth strategy. No matter how big or small our businesses are. I hope that this Christmas you will determine in your heart to provide a simple $30 gift to a woman just like Dorcus and let's start seeing lives and families changed.

We, as the WolfpackMrs Community, will also be partnering with Love Mercy Foundation to see 5000 women sponsored this Christmas.

So spread the word! I believe we can see this goal met with all of us working together.

Let's lead the way in this and raise awareness and see our fellow WolfpackMrs Mothers in Uganda thriving in business and family life.

 RIVER ️ (and TheWolfpackMrs team) XO


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