Before the freckles move

river bennett ( photography river bennett)


Christmas is the time when I get most sentimental. 

I am often found choking back tears as I watch an old Christmas movie with my kids, or play a game of cards with friends late at night around a table. I cry when I hear carollers sing,  "O Night Divine", and can't stop smiling as I fix Santa's cookie plate with a dash of Australian mango, Tim- Tams and milk. It's the time of year I remind myself of how blessed I truly am, and pinch myself that I actually get to live this life.

Oftentimes when I get sentimental I photograph my children. I tend to photograph anything that's important to me when I'm sentimental, but for some reason this time of year I stare the most at my kids hoping to capture every detail of them before the 2016 calendar ends. Before they grow up any more. Before the freckles move, or the limbs stretch a little further. Before they stop dreaming of riding on Santa’s sleigh delivering presents to kids in Paris. I obsess over holding onto every detail of them - in their purest, most beautiful, child form - before it vanishes into adulthood. 

Does that sound crazy? Oh well. I am a doting sentimental mother. 

Thing is, children teach we adults things about ourselves that we need to be reminded of. They show us how to be present, and how to be at peace with ourselves. They show us how to love deeply and use our imaginations, and to capture the daydreams that float past our heads every day. They show us how to make something from nothing, and how to take a compliment when it is given. They show us that Christmas is a magical time of year, that Santa IS real ;) and that family matters more than anything else in the world. 

So this Christmas I hope none of us become too busy to simply be with our children. I hope that we get lost in their beauty and their kind, innocent natures, that we play with them and talk with them, that we would be interested in what sets their hearts on fire, and speak blessings over them. Let’s choose to acknowledge them, learn from them. 

May this Christmas be a time where we all get a little bit sentimental and filled with gratitude for what truly matters.


Wishing you and your families a beautiful Christmas.

River XO



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