Autumn essentials by Brooklyn to Balmain

Shannon Kelly for Brooklyn to Balmain




1. 100% Linen Robe

After discovering the beauty and versatility of linen, I have become more than a little obsessed with finding ways to add it into my home. My newest love is this 100% washed linen robe. 

Comfort aside, there’s something ridiculously romantic about  wearing a linen robe around the house. It’s the perfect addition for a chilly morning, after a shower, or whenever you can't handle actually getting dressed for the day. 

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2. Sinnerlig Collection with Llse Crawford
 Bamboo Pendant

I’ve been a fan of Ilse Crawford since I was first introduced to her book, Home is Where the Heart is when I had no idea nor even cared about what interior design was.
Her book was captivating and there was a depth to this woman that attracted me to her ideas. I loved that she genuinely believed that sculpting a space at home to breathe and refresh ones soul was critical to quality of life. I was hooked. 
10 years since that first purchase, Ilse continues to inspire me. This time, it’s through her collaboration with Ikea as she creates an eco-friendly collection of furniture and homewares at a price point that makes it accessible to everyone. 
These bamboo lamps are a standout piece from the collection and are beautiful in their simplicity. Their natural materials instantly make you feel relaxed in any space and will help your home make the perfect transition as the cooler nights settle in. They are a quick and easy way to dramatically change the style of any space, be it bedroom, dining room or even on an outdoor patio.

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3. ’No 005’ print by The Sea Life

I’ve always had a soft spot for the ocean. It could be because I spent every Sunday as a child at nippers or simply because as an Australian, we are virtually surrounded by water. For me, however, the ocean has always been a place of refreshment regardless of the seasons. So you can imagine my excitement when I stumbled across these prints from local Sydney photographer, Matt Johnson of The Sea Life. 
I love the varying hues of blue which bring light and depth to any space. These prints are completely versatile and depending on your style, can be used as a feature in a classic white minimalist space or partnered with muted earthy tones.

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4. Linen Bedding

It might sound strange to include bedding as an Autumn essential, however if you have ever spent hours laying awake at night, tossing and turning, either cold from the lack of warmth of summer sheets or too hot from transitioning to winter duvets too soon, you’ll know how essential a good nights sleep can be!
I’ll admit it, when I first bought my linen sheet set, the reasons were purely aesthetic. It looked so pretty all crumpled and soft that it practically begged me to snuggle in. Little did I know then that linen is both warm in winter and cool in summer! For all those people who needed that extra reason to splurge on new bedding, you now have it. Lets be honest, who can resist cute and practical bedding in this seasons current palette of blush, navy and smoke.

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5. Maison Balzac Candle

In my mind, candle are the epitome of cosy. There is nothing that I love more than winding down with drink in hand, in hand, a classical ensemble strumming along in the background, and a scented candle lit. It’s the cherry on top for a perfect night in.
I love the scents of Maison Balzac, an Australian company with the most refined French tastes thanks to founder, Elise Pioch Balzac’s heritage growing up in the south of France.
My pick to compliment the cooler weather would be ‘1642’ which captures a rich aromatic recipe of violet, blackberry, cedar, patchouli and peony. 

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