The Art of Taking Action in Order to See Movement. by River Bennett

River Bennett

In the early '90's, when Tae Bo was the latest craze I was completely into it.
I loved to exercise. I loved feeling my heart pumping. I loved the rewards of a solid workout.  I remember Billy Blanks (Tae Bo's fitness guru) saying during one episode "Don't worry if you can't kick as high as this now, just start with something (action). Every movement counts." And he repeated this often throughout the workout. "EVERY MOVEMENT COUNTS."

I often hear those words in my head as I work. It's my challenge every day to ACTION something in order to see MOVEMENT in my life. Most times it's the small things: Eat healthy produce. Clean my office. Stock my pantry to feed my hungry children. 

Sometimes it's the bigger stuff: To MOVE that muscle of creativity, to dig a little deeper within myself to CHANGE a mindset, to ENLARGE a thought, to stay FRESH, to be OPEN to SEE differently. 

The thing is, we get old quickly. We do things the same way over and over again - oftentimes expecting a different outcome. Maybe it's because that way has worked in previous years? Maybe it's because we are stubborn? Maybe it's because we like the comfort of the "familiar"? 

Whatever the case, MOVEMENT is key to moving forward. One day at a time. One ACTION at a time. Let's keep ACTIONING because with every ACTION comes MOVEMENT. And the older I get (not that I'm that old. Ha.) I realise that every ACTION and every MOVEMENT really does count.