The Art of Hitting that Intimidating Beast..... the Publish Button. by river bennett

River Bennett (Photographer River Bennett. Quote via interview

Kayne West: "Well influence isn't my definition of success. It's a by-product of my creativity. I just want to create more.....My definition of getting my ideas out there." 

So you almost did it. You almost hit the publish button. You almost put it out there. 
You know you will feel naked. Like being stuck on a frozen lake hanging off a stick naked. 
Your work started as a thought, it became an adrenaline rush of possibilities and possibility a sleepless night. It covered itself in black feathery frilly doubt and then evolved into "DO IT OR DIE" mode.

You have gone to hit the publish button a few times but then you wimped out. Fear got you from behind and strangled you with the thought of failure. 

Stupid fear. Stupid failure. 

You regroup. Straighten your thoughts. Pace the floor of your apartment. Take a breathe. Take a walk.

Does the world really need this piece of art? 
Is this screen write actually worth anyone's time? 
Does this YouTube clip count in the whole scheme of life on earth? 

Maybe not. 

Will anyone even read it, see it, like it? 

Maybe not. 

Will it forever be linked to your journey? 


Will you re-read it/watch it in a couple of days and hate it? 


Do you envision people rolling their eyes? 


Will it be a piece that in a few years time you will laugh about and then remark about how far you have come? 


Did you start something?


Did you use the gift within you? 


I like what Kayne West said, "My definition of success... is getting my ideas out there." 

So maybe its time you get over yourself and hit that publish button. Get those ideas out there and see where they take you.