The Art of being Passionately Obsessed in Order to Evolve. By river bennett

River Bennett


I often get asked: "What do you want to do with your life?"
I never know what to say. 
"Ummm, I guess I'm doing it?" "Ummm not really sure?"
"Well I thought about doing ......."
Thing is, that question haunts me, irritates me, drives me and confuses me. Like a birthday secret my husband is keeping from me in order to surprise me. 
It, at times, can speak in an authoritative tone and can potentially keep me awake at night. Other times, I wave it off to the planet of Future and tell myself to worry about it later. 

Don't we all need time to EVOLVE? To develop over time? 

How did Barak Obama become president? How does Lady Gaga keep reinventing herself? How and why did Robert Pierce start World Vision? 
On every account it was an OBSESSION to get it out. Get out what they were PASSIONATE about. 

Recently I read the poet, Jay Z's  book "Decoded" and during his early teenage years he says, "Everywhere I went. I'd write. Even if I was crossing the street with my friends and a rhyme came to me, I'd break out my binder and spread it on the mailbox or lampost and write the rhyme before I crossed the street. I didn't care if my friends left me at the light. I had to get it out." 
He was OBSESSED. He would read dictionaries in his spare time to build his vocabulary. He wanted to be the best poet on the block. He searched for lyrics, beats, rhythms. He realised that the "beat is everywhere and you just need to tap into it."

So I guess I come to the conclusion that actually, the "every day" is what I want to do with the rest of my life. 
If we decide to stick to the things we love to do. Stick to the things we OBSESS about and are PASSIONATE about. Work hard at that. Challenge that. Stretch that. Action it.  Stay consistent in the everyday labor of learning more. Be loyal to it. Faithful to it. Keeping our course in it. Being obedient to that voice in our head as it pulls us in deep. Won't it eventually EVOLVE into something good? 

Who knows what I am going to do with the rest of my life. Who knows what we all will do? 
But lets fall in love with that. Creating as we go. EVOLVING every day by PASSIONATELY OBSESSING over the things we love. 
And as Jay Z says, "Everyone needs a chance to EVOLVE."

So hey, let's EVOLVE. Our life has already begun.