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It was pouring. Like pouring, pouring. That set-in, tropical rain that lasts all day and night without taking a breath.

A few of the locals down at the bakery had said they hadn’t had rain in weeks. I guess I felt fortunate that it had to rain when I came to town…. not really.

 But I must admit there was something magical about the rain falling on the palms trees overhead. A tropical noise, acknowledging summer’s mysterious, yet familiar, yearly presence.

The beach was glowing in a sleek silver, and people found themselves in the salty waves drinking in the rain.

 Oh, how I loved Bryon.

 In fact, Australia loves Byron Bay. A piece of land occupied by the finest of beach landscapes, with free-spirited artists galore.

 It was also the place I found a true Australian talent tucked away in a beach home hideout up in the hills of Lennox Head.

 Amelia Fullarton’s photography work has regularly featured in the pages of Frankie magazine and Smith Journal, as well as on wedding sites including, The Lane, Hello May and White magazine.  

 It was quite the honour to meet her. Her love for this small beach town found expression through the gentle way in which she spoke.  We sat and chatted around her table as the rain poured down.

Her home was peaceful and kind … can you even call a home ‘kind’? It felt cosy, warm and simplistic. Her 2 year old daughter, Arlo played at our feet, every now and then showing me her toy koala, and introducing me to her puppy, Secret.


1. What was life like for you growing up?

Life growing up was great. I was fortunate enough to live on the land so l spent most of my days outside, riding my pony, climbing trees and trying to keep up with my five older brothers and sisters. 

2. You now live in Byron Bay with your partner Allan and your gorgeous daughter Arlo. What is it about Byron Bay that made you want to live here?

I moved here about six years ago. My best friend and l packed her car the day after we got back from travelling through Europe for eight months, and drove eight hours north. We just didn’t want the holiday to be over yet and we knew Byron would be the next best thing. 

Leaving Sydney on a whim was right for me.  I’m much more a country person then city person. People tend to worry less about money and material things up here, it’s very simple. We enjoy the beach, and the farmers’ market, and there is that real sense of community and helping each other out here that l love. 

3. Arlo is now two years old.....what's motherhood been like for you so far?

When l was pregnant with Arlo people would always say things like, “Better get as much sleep as you can ..” and, “l hope you’re ready for it, your life is about to change.” All these things that would kind of freak me out. Then she arrived, this tiny, perfect thing and l thought to myself I’d give up everything to have her here - sleep, drunken nights out, more time … she was way better then all that. Yeah, I’m not going to say it’s easy but it’s the best thing I have ever done. I’d have ten more if l could!

4. As a wedding and family photographer you are constantly looking for those special, almost hidden, moments. What are some of the moments you love to shoot most, and how would you describe your style?

I have always been attracted to moments that evoke emotion, which explains why I’m a wedding and family photographer. If l can catch them off-guard or even lost in each other and not focused on me - those are the moments l love. 

I’m not really sure what you would say my style is. It’s very relaxed. l like to use my camera as a way to give something back to others. Giving them something that they can hold on to and treasure forever.

5. Where did your love for photography start?

l had always taken disposable cameras with me every time l went somewhere, and loved getting home from a trip to develop all the rolls. It wasn’t until after l had my daughter and struggled to find anyone to take some non-cheesy family shots of us that l thought, ‘hey maybe l could do this’. 

Photography after having a baby was one of the only things l still felt l had to myself. It was my way of escaping into another world away from motherhood. 

6. Favourite ever photography session?

Oh, that’s too hard! Honestly, l don’t think l could put it down to one. The last year and a half, since starting the business l have worked with so many incredible families and couples, that have allowed me to grow and be creative. I only hope that with every shoot l challenge myself that little bit more, continue to be critical of my work and keep pushing myself to new heights. 

7. What have been some of your biggest challenges while on the job?

Most photographers you speak to hate shooting weddings. Truthfully, it’s a lot of pressure, you have that one day. It might be pouring rain, one of my cameras might decide to mess up. Digital photography means you have to rely heavily on your equipment. Yeah, it’s challenging but it’s also incredibly rewarding. Most weekends l get to surround myself with an abundance of love and joy.

On top of everything else l get to give something back to others that they can hold on to and feel good about for years to come, that’s a pretty great feeling. 

8. Favourite conditions to shoot?

A little overcast, in the early evening, somewhere out in that magical countryside!

9. What are you passionately obsessed with?

My little family, of course. :)

10. What does a perfect Saturday look like?

It most definitely starts with coffee, the sun would be shining, the three of us would be at the beach most of the day and there would be lots of napping in there as well. 

12. Summer Holiday dream destination?

We’re busting to get back to Spain - that would do us just fine.

13. Something you miss about living near a big city?

I get to Sydney quite a bit for work and my family is still down there so l don’t really feel as though l miss much of Sydney.

A big city like New York or Paris obviously has all those opposite attractions of country living. Just walking around those places at night you feel completely alive, walking down the main street of Byron in winter you’d be lucky to get a feed anywhere after 9!

14. Any advice to other WolfpackMrs mothers who run a creative business and raise amazing children?

When running your business from home or working from home l think it's important to keep work separate from your children. When I'm working, Arlo is either asleep or at her daycare (which she goes to two days a week). When I'm with Arlo, I'm really with her, as present as l can be. Emails, editing, etc usually have to wait till after 7pm. 

Also get your close friends’ and family’s opinion on your idea. These people will be honest with you and tell you whether it’s something you should have a go at before you put all your eggs in one basket. 



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