Amber Spencer for Hux&Co

River Bennett (Photography River Bennett)

It didn't take long for me to really like Amber.

Our first contact was over the phone as my husband and I drove back from the Hunter Valley’s wineries.

From the moment the conversation started I kept thinking how down to earth and happy she was. Our topic of conversation ranged from work to Motherhood to giving birth and how watching reality TV shows, eating biscuits while pregnant, actually made for the best day ever.

I loved how she was up for a random chat. And also loved that she loved reality shows.

We began to arrange a time to meet in Melbourne when she informed me that she was in her third trimester with her second child and had only two weeks to go.

Due to my crazy love for pregnant bellies, I had hoped to make it before the delivery date.

A week later I walked up to her home. Her Hux&Co pots were neatly placed at the front door and as I walked in I discovered they were beautifully placed all over the room.

There was definitely something special about them. They made plants come alive. And added perfect mixtures of colours and textures to every room.

We sat down with a drink and began to unravel her story of motherhood and the Hux&Co. journey.

How did your homewares business, Hux&Co, come about?

We bought a house in the suburbs of Melbourne and the place needed some serious love. It had yellow walls and hideous pink carpet.

Because I worked from home as a beautician, my business was run from my house. I had clients in and out of our home and I needed a cheap way to make the space look pretty.

I started to paint some pots and put plants in them and instantly my house become a home. It also became a beautiful space for clients to visit. Often my clients would comment on the pots and asked me where I got them from.

I would also take them as gifts to baby showers and parties and everyone loved them so much I decided to make a business out of it.

One friend posted it on Facebook and Instagram and stylist Julia Green somehow got news of it. She called me for a meeting. And it just went on from there!

Our pots featured on “The Block” (Australian home renovation TV series on channel 9) with Kyle and Cara in 2013.

And then Rebecca Judd (Australian model and TV presenter) fell in love with them and posted them on Instagram, which made business crazy. People were emailing from everywhere and saying “Whatever Bec Judd has I'll take two!”

It was great exposure. The funny thing was, I never expected to make money from it! I just simply wanted to decorate my home in an affordable way. Now I love that others can too.

You saw a simple everyday need and you filled it.

Yes. I guess I did!

Is gardening being something you always loved?

I love it but I'm so bad at it!

When you were a little girl what were passionate about?

I was a typical girly girl. I loved dance and my mum got me into modelling at an early age. But deep down I always wanted to be fashion designer like John Paul. Making these pots has been a perfect creative outlet for me. It may not be designing clothes but I love it!

Tell us about family life?

I have an amazing partner and little boy Huxley who we are completely besotted by.

We also have another baby coming in 2weeks!! We aren't sure what we are having yet but we are so excited to meet them.

Did u always want to start a career in the interiors industry?

No. It just kind of evolved and happened. I quit my job when I was pregnant with Huxley and Hux&Co kind of exploded so I just went with it. But I honestly have loved everything about the journey.

How has starting this business been with a little man at your feet?

In the beginning it was a lot easier because he napped and I had more time but he got older and naps were few and far between. I finally got him into daycare a few days a week which actually changed everything for me.

You are now pregnant with your second child, how do you think you will go with two children and two businesses?

I have only just thought about the reality of two and OMG!!! Haha!

Tell us about the name Hux&Co?

I kept thinking I don't want a name that just sounds good, I wanted a name that had a meaning behind it. My sons name is Huxley so that’s when Hux&co began!

What have been some of the hardest challenges starting your own business?

I manage everything by email. Which can be tricky and time consuming, especially with a toddler who wants your attention. I have a theory that if you see it, just answer it.

I would also say that I doubted myself a lot.  But having people liking the product and ordering it was a great confirmation.

What are the hot colours for the garden this summer?

Metallics metallics metallics.  Black and white is always popular and black and gold. Hot!!

Favourite plants to put in your pots?

It's very "in" at the moment but Fiddler leaf has got to be a favourite. Anything leafy and thick.

Succulents were used on "The Block" and you can't go wrong with succulents!

I also fill the pots with towels for the salon. You can pretty much do whatever you want!

Any advice to other Wolfpack Mrs mothers who may dream of starting a homewares company while pregnant, with a toddler?! Haha

DON'T DO IT!!! Haha! No, just go with your gut. My godmother used to always say to me when I was a little girl, "Don't ever doubt your gut and if it feels right, pursue it."


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