Motherhood is a crazy balancing act. Motherhood and working in a creative industry even more so. I believe that one doesn’t have to suffer for the other. I believe we can do both well.

The Wolfpack Mrs was created for mothers who love to create, invent, design and also mothers who have a passion to raise strong, intelligent children who will add something to the future world.

I am a mother who LOVES being a mum. I have three boys and an amazing husband. I am a mother who knows there is creative substance within her, that once shared, ignites others to be brave enough to share too.

Something I have learnt along the way is that being part of a Pack is important. We can't do life alone. Motherhood, the creative process, creative habits, the running of businesses, sustaining a healthy marriage/relationship and community are a crazy balancing act, right?

So I invite you to join the Wolfpack Mrs community and be inspired by the lives of creators from around the globe, as they bring their thoughts and wisdom to the Pack.

We would love to hear from you too. Tell us what you do as a mother and how you work in the creative industry. Here you can connect with other like-minded Mothers.

Hope you feel encouraged, inspired, valued and connected.

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River Bennett has a passion for the arts in all it's avenues, is what sets her heart on fire. For many years, she have invested into the lives of people - inspiring them, motivating them, training them to see beyond their current reality. She is passionate about seeing people become successful using their unique gifts and talents. River lives in Sydney Australia with her husband, Joel, and three boys.

Her experience is in blogging and social media for various companies. Right now, she is a photographer, writer and speaker.

To inquire about working with River please contact her at: