6 things to see in nashville

River Bennett (Photography River Bennett)

When live music can be heard across the city at any time of day and night , you know you have hit the city of Nashville. 

Having never been to Nashville before, we loved the creative spirit of it's music and how it flowed through to the stunning art galleries, killer cafes and melt in your mouth BBQ.


Here are a few of the things you must see when in Nashville:

1. Take the classic "I believe in Nashville" by DCXV , street art instagram shot. 

I mean you are crazy if you don't right? On the side of Mitchell’s Deli and 12 South, right next to Edley’s and Draper James.

Don't forget to Hashtag that baby!

2. Visit slayer mum boss Reece Witherspoon's store Draper James.

It's so easy to feel that stunning southern hospitality here. It feels like you are actually walking into someone's home! 

3. Visit Star blogger James Kicinski-McCoy's clothing store "Two Son" in East Nashville. 

This store brings a fresh array of clothing, accessories, jewelry, housewares, and more from a group of talented designers and artisans, including Norse Projects, Lauren Manoogian, Ryan Roche, Tellason, Caron Callahan, Maryam Nassir Zadeh, Industry of All Nations, Black Crane, Helm, Ace&Jig, Le Labo, and more. I actually wanted to but the entire store.

4. Oh my goodness there is a Cupcake ATM!! Make sure you check out Sprinkles.

Freshly baked cupcakes any time of day or night. I know, Amazing.

5. Check out the coolest ever Hat Store, Hatwrks

What's not to like about a store that has 100's of Handcrafted and high quality hats? This hat store boasts original works made in house and leading hat brands from around the world. 

6. Downtown Nashville at night.

The night life in Nashville is ridiculously fun. Take a stroll Downtown and check out the live country music bands which feature most nights and don't forget to check out the shops with all the cowboy boots!