4 Hot Spots to visit with kids in San Diego

River Bennett (Photography River Bennett)



I was introduced to 'real' Mexican food roughly about 3 years ago by a mate who was a local in Tijuana. We travelled across the border and landed in a restaurant where I was handed a pork taco with all the add-ons. I lost my mind! 

It had been 3 years since that first trip to Mexico and we were driving towards the border, along the coast of San Diego, and all I could think about was Mexican food. This time Mexico was not on the itinerary but a local had recommended that we visit the Taco Shop called "Luncha Libre."

Entering the shop we were greeted by hot pink walls and Wrestling memorabilia – everywhere! Something insanely, wildly nacho libre came over the THEWOLFPACK while I prepared to order. Trying to calm them down I approached the counter. 

"We want it allllll!" I breathed, giddy-eyed, to the girl behind the counter. 

She wasn't sure what I meant. 

"I'm sorry," I said, "you see, in Australia we don't have Mexican food like you have here and I have been waiting for this for years. Actual years. Like 3 years."

I don't think she really cared. 

"Anyways," I continued, a little intimidated, "can we order the ‘Tap-me-out’, the ‘Chicharrón Taco’ and anything else you think we need to have to make this an unforgettable experience." 

She gave me a few options, and I said yes to everything. 

She also handed 3 Mexican Wrestling masks to THEWOLFPACK who found a seat, and proceeded to destroy each in an arm-wrestling match. 

The food arrived and it didn't take long for THEWOLFPACK to devour it. Tender chicken, beef, pork and the fish – oh! the fish. With. Coriander, lime, tomato and sour cream that paraded across your mouth long after you had taken a bite. 

In between mouthfuls we acknowledged that there really was no better food than Mexican Food. Made to be messy. And this Taco shop had won our hearts - thankyou Luncha Libre, we will most definitely be back! 




4 Hot Spots in San Diego to visit when travelling kids:

1. Lucha Libre - The Taco Shop

2. Communal Coffee  - A community minded, customer centered, neighborhood coffee shop. Serving Sightglass Coffee.

3. Lego Land perfect for 3-5years olds. Half day trip is all you will need.

4. Pacific Beach - walk the pier and get lost in the coastal view. Take a swim ( lifeguards present) or a bike ride around the headland and stop off to check out the locals shops and restaurants.




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